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Japan Art + Culture Tour 2024

 Experience the world’s largest art festival that occurs only once every three years! Includes Hakone, Niigata, and Sado Island!

Rich history and modern culture blended together to create an inspiring journey just for you

Very detailed and entertaining blog post all about this tour:

Tokyo’s famous TeamLab Digital Art Museum

New for 2024! Our Japan Art + Culture Tour is for those who seek to explore the road less traveled. Delve through the mountains of Hakone and Minakami, past lush Yamanashi, through the sprawling fields of Niigata, and over the deep blue Sea of Japan to Sado Island. As you travel through each space, try unique activities and experiences that highlight Japan’s diverse regional culture, fostered through handicrafts passed down over centuries of history. 

Visit Hakone, a Heian-era onsen town brought to new life by its surreal and awe-inspiring Open Air-Sculpture Museum. Try your hand at Yosegi-Zaiku, an ancient woodworking craft. Then, while on remote Sado Island, see for yourself how ancient fishers used to practice, walking through the Shukunegi fishing village and trying out a tarai bune tub boat ride through the harbor.

A Sado Island visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Sado Kinzan Gold Mines, including a gold leaf hands-on experience. You’ll also try taiko drumming, a tradition practiced all over Japan, but made completely unique on Sado Island, where oni (demon) masks are donned to dance with the beat of the drums. Later, you’ll even get to have lunch with real geisha in Niigata, known locally as geigi, and watch them perform a traditional shamisen and dance performance!

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Festival, only once every three years!

A central highlight of this tour is the incredible Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Festival. Japan is renowned for its fascinating culture, which weaves together its long, rich history with modern, futuristic charms. This festival highlights this juxtaposition, serving as a “collaboration of natural beauty and art that changes with the seasons.” Taking place only once every three years, this is one of the world’s largest art festivals, showcasing the fluid relationship between time and space, nature and humanity. Featuring sculptures nestled within sprawling rice fields, converted abandoned gyms and school buildings, and natural caves made to look like tunnels of light, this art festival reminds us of the space we hold as natural beings settled within the embrace of our past and present. A truly unique opportunity not to be missed!

Enjoy specialty cuisine each evening, soak away your stress at one of many soothing hot springs, or just stroll around and browse for fascinating omiyage gifts. If you’re ready to explore off the beaten path of Japan and embark on a real once-in-a-lifetime cultural adventure, our Japan Art + Culture Tour is waiting for you!

Destination Highlights

Tokyo – Hakone + Lake Ashi – Karuizawa – Yamanashi – Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Festival – Niigata – Sado Island – Minakami Onsen – Takumi no Sato – TeamLab Planets Digital Art Museum – and more!

Tour Includes

9 nights premium accommodations – 23 exceptional meals – Onsen (Hot Springs) – WiFi router – HNL Airport Lounge – Unique activities & experiences – and much more!


Full Package $4,990 (Adult) / Land Package $3,990 (Adult)

Tour Details


For an in-depth look at the many activities and destinations you’ll visit, please see our itinerary here (PDF file): Art + Culture Tour Itinerary

You can also read an entertaining blog post about this tour here:

Many of these pictures were personally taken by our own staff and give a great sense of the places that you’ll visit.

Short on time? Check out the schedule summary below!

Itinerary Summary

Exclusive opportunity: special lunch with geigi (geisha) in Niigata
Apple picking experience in Gunma
Tarai bune traditional tub boat experience on Sado Island
Taiko drum experience on Sado Island
126-SEPHNL Airport departure on Japan Airlines (nonstop flight)
227-SEPArrive in Tokyo (HND), welcome dinner, rest at hotel
328-SEPHead to Hakone, Hakone Open-Air Sculpture Museum, Hakone Ropeway + Owakudani, Lake Ashi Pirate Ship cruise, private hot springs in your room!
429-SEPYosegi Zaiku experience (woodworking craft), Yamanashi winery tour and tasting, Karuizawa Prince Shopping Mall free time, hot springs!
530-SEPFull day exploring the Echigo-Tsumari Art Festival! Larger-than-life art installations amidst the rural beauty of Niigata’s countryside. Hot springs again tonight!
601-OCTFerry ride to Sado Island, Tarai bune tub boat experience, Shukunegi Fishing Village, hot springs!
702-OCTSado Gold Mine and hands-on gold leaf experience, Oni taiko drum experience, Obata Sake Brewery tour & tasting, hot springs!
803-OCTFerry from Sado Island back to Niigata, Ponshukan Sake Museum, exclusive lunch with Niigata geigi (geisha) including music/dance performance, metalworking crafts experience, hot springs!
904-OCTApple picking experience, Takumi no Sato agrictulural village + hands-on experience, return to Tokyo, deluxe farewell dinner
1005-OCTFull free day to explore Tokyo!
1106-OCTFree morning, then visit TeamLab Planets Digital Art Museum, head to Haneda Airport, depart for HNL in the evening on Japan Airlines (nonstop flight)

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