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First Sakura and Onsen Odyssey: Kyushu to Okinawa Tour 2025

Hot springs in Kyushu! Japan’s first cherry blossoms in Okinawa!

Journey from Kyushu to Okinawa to experience both amazing onsen and the first sakura of the year!

Kurokawa Onsen’s “Yu Akari” winter illumination

Have you been wanting to visit Okinawa, but still would love to slip into some luxurious hot springs? This brand-new tour is here to meet your desires! Although Okinawa doesn’t have hot springs like mainland Japan, by starting in the onsen hotspot of Kyushu you’ll get premium hot springs (plus much more!) and then move to Okinawa to immerse yourself in the island’s unique Ryukyuan culture and food.

Our fully-guided itinerary takes you first to Kyushu, where you’ll savor Fukuoka’s famous strawberries, marvel at the magical winter illumination of Kurokawa Onsen’s Yu Akari lights display, and try hands-on activities like oshibana pressed-flower crafts and traditional Japanese sweets-making at a local confectionary. There’s shopping in Kumamoto City’s shopping arcade streets, plus the many stores at Tosu Premium Outlets and the renowned “Hells” of Beppu, which are striking hot springs of various colors that result from differing mineral contents in the water.

Stunning lights of the Ryukyu Lantern Festival

After a short domestic flight, you’ll arrive in Naha City on the main island of Okinawa, home to what was once the Ryukyu Kingdom and full of cultural wonders significantly different from that found in other parts of Japan. You’ll have an entire half-day (four hours) to wander through “Okinawa World”, a cultural theme park that includes Eisa dance performances and even a live Habu snake show, plus numerous hands-on activities for you to discover at your own pace.

Two more major highlights of your time in Okinawa will be the Ryukyu Lantern Festival, home to more than 3,000 colorful lanterns that make you feel as if you’d slipped backwards in time to the Ryukyu Kingdom, plus the first gorgeous pink cherry blossoms of the year at the Motobu Yaedake Sakura Festival.

Churaumi Aquarium’s gigantic main exhibit

You’ll take in the incredible sight of whale sharks swimming before your eyes at Churaumi Aquarium, home of one of the world’s largest single tanks, visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Shuri Castle, and discover the delight of “coral dyeing”, which employs Ryukyuan techniques to create your own beautiful dyed cloth design.

This tour was designed to be more relaxed than many other itineraries, with later departures each day and six out of the total nine nights featuring consecutive hotel stays. Compare the different culinary traditions of Kyushu and Okinawa, soothe your soul in hot springs, dive into Ryukyuan culture in Okinawa, and much more. Join us and enjoy your southern Japan odyssey in 2025!

Destination Highlights

Fukuoka – Kumamoto – Mt. Aso – Tsuetate Onsen – Beppu – Kurokawa Onsen – Tosu – Naha – Yomitan – Motobu – and more!

Tour Includes

9 nights exceptional accommodations – 21 premium meals – Onsen (Hot Springs) – WiFi router – HNL Airport Lounge – Unique activities & experiences – and much more!


Full Package $4,890 (Adult) / Land Package $3,690 (Adult)

Tour Details


For an in-depth look at the many activities and destinations you’ll visit, see our written itinerary here: First Sakura and Onsen Odyssey: Kyushu to Okinawa Tour Itinerary

Or check out the short summary below!

Itinerary Summary

UNESCO World Heritage Site Shuri Castle
“Coral dyeing” hands-on experience
“Eisa” traditional Ryukyuan dance performance
Japan’s first cherry blossoms of the year at Motobu Yaedake Sakura Festival
117-JANHNL Airport departure on Japan Airlines to Fukuoka via Tokyo Haneda
218-JANArrive in Fukuoka, rest at hotel
319-JANSucculent, fresh Fukuoka strawberry picking, Oshibana (pressed flowers) hands-on experience, Kumamoto Castle area and shopping arcade
420-JANTraditional sweets hands-on experience,
Aso Volcano Museum or Mt. Aso Nakadake crater (weather dependent),
Move to Tsuetate Onsen village
for relaxing evening of hot springs
521-NOVOnsen Museum in Beppu City, renowned Beppu Jigoku “Hells” hot springs sightseeing, Kurokawa Onsen for “Yu Akari” winter illumination display, return to Tsuetate Onsen for relaxing evening of hot springs
622-NOVTosu Premium Outlets shopping,
move from Kyushu to Okinawa using Japan Airlines domestic flight from Fukuoka to Naha
723-JANFull half day to explore fascinating “Okinawa World” cultural theme park
(w/ “Super Eisa” dance performance and “Habu Snake” exhibition),
Ryukyu Lantern Festival sightseeing (over 3,000 colorful lanterns!)
824-JANMotobu Yaedake Sakura Festival (Japan’s first cherry blossoms), renowned Churaumi Aquarium (especially famous for its giant tank with whale sharks), Southeast Botanical Gardens sightseeing and winter lights illumination
925-JANSightseeing at UNESCO World Heritage Site Shuri Castle,
Ryukyu traditional coral dyeing hands-on experience,
Himeyuri Peace Museum and former Japanese Navy Underground HQ sightseeing
1026-JANFull free day to explore Naha at your own pace!
1127-JANFree morning, depart for HNL in the afternoon on Japan Airlines via Tokyo Haneda

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